Monday, 11 December 2017

A deal, maybe and now trade negotiations?

Last week was quite tortuous for both sides. With a flurry of visits to Brussels, Mrs. May and Mr. Davies (above) attempted to strike a deal on terms to be agreed before trade talks can begin. On Monday last, all looked hopeless because Northern Ireland could not agree to the terms as set out by our government. They want to be treated the same as the rest of the United Kingdom, with border issues being paramount between Northern Ireland (British) and Ireland (separate country).

By the weekend a deal of sorts has been struck, although whether it will continue to be as agreed after Brexit on March 29th 2019, remains to be seen.

My own thoughts on this situation is that, whilst Northern Ireland may want no borders between it and Ireland itself, Brexit means we control our own borders and that must surely include a border between the north and the south. If we don't have a border then immigrants will cross it and enter the U.K. by that route.  If, however, we do have a border, then it will disrupt trade between the two countries and cause a lot of mayhem whilst people and traffic try to cross from one place to the other and back again.  I think that if certain people cross regularly and give no trouble, then the border controllers will get to know them and let them through whilst strangers would need to be checked.

Many Brexiteers think that Mrs. May has given too many concessions to Brussels. I am one of those.  I think we should go for a hard Brexit and let Brussels come to us.  Seems that Nigel Farage is of like mind. While I don't agree with everything Nigel Farage does or says, I do find that he speaks out most of what I am thinking and he should definitely be on the negotiating panel when it comes to trade deals.

David Davies and Michel Barnier are the two chief negotiators and must now meet again to start the trade talks.

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