Sunday, 22 October 2017

Labour has all the answers?

Mrs. May has been busy trying to convince the the Europeans that they should proceed to the next stage in the Brexit talks, which is to talk Trade! Unfortunately, despite what they say, they do not want to progress to the next stage until they get assurances on several matters of importance to them, for example, the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and what will happen with E.U. citizens residing here after Brexit officially happens in March 2019.

What the E.U. wants is money, money, money, not a Trade Deal. We may just as well walk out now and save ourselves a lot of work.

Whilst all this is going on, the Labour Party is forging ahead, promising everything it can to get people to vote for them once we have lost all faith in the Conservative Party. Their list of promises is endless but so far no-one has come up with the answer to where the money will be coming from.

However, with our National Health Service floundering, with waiting lists getting longer and longer and visits to the Accident and Emergency Department of the local hospitals taking four hours and more, people are becoming more and more worried about the future. At my own doctor's surgery I now have to wait two weeks for an appointment! I've never known it so bad.

So does the Labour Party have the answer to that problem? I doubt it, but I do believe that unless the Conservatives, under Mrs. May, can make some improvements and quick, people will be turning to the Labour Party in droves.

I was a great admirer of Nigel Farage until he went to America and sucked up to Donald Trump. Now, I don't trust him. What in the world was he thinking of to do that? Perhaps he thought that he would gain influence and become a negotiator with the E.U. backed up by the new President. I think we all know now that Donald Trump's word is not to be trusted. He changes his mind every day.

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