Friday, 1 September 2017

3rd Round of talks with the E.U. reach stalemate.

The third round of talks with the E.U. negotiator, Michel Barnier, took place yesterday. David Davies reported afterwards that no progress has been made.

Michel Barnier, representing all the other E.U. members, will not discuss trade until the 'divorce settlement' has been agreed. The E.U. has requested that Britain pay 60 billion euros before negotiations on trade can take place and this is seen as blackmail by Britain.

Meanwhile businesses both here in Britain and abroad in Europe are pressing to get on with the discussions because time is moving ever faster towards the deadline of March 2019 when Britain will officially be out of the E.U.

Mrs. May has been in Japan. The Japanese are on the verge of signing a trade agreement with the E.U. and Mrs. May was given assurance that once Britain is out of the E.U. a similar trade deal will occur between Japan and Britain. Again, there is frustration that events cannot be moved faster.  In the past Japan has seen Britain as a gateway into Europe.

Great Britain is a major player in Europe and cannot be held to ransom just because they want out of a club which has become more and more corrupt.

My opinion is that we should stop all the 'beating about the bush'. We should just walk away and see how quickly the European countries come back to us with their begging bowls. The E.U. need our money just to keep going. I predict that they will only last for about seven years once Britain has left the game.

According to today's Daily Mail, millions of British citizens, living in the E.U. will have their right to free healthcare protected.  Following talks in Brussels, the European Union has agreed to allow them to retain access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

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