Thursday, 2 March 2017

The House of Lords seeks to obstruct the Government from triggering Article 50 by the end of this month (March 2017)

The House of Lords (unelected peers) voted last night to delay the triggering of Article 50. That is what their actions aimed at! Seven of our Tory peers joined the establishment backlash against Brexit.
The furore is all about the E.U. nationals who reside in the U.K. and wish to stay here after Brexit.  Theresa May will not agree to let them stay until we have negotiated with the European Union as to the fate of British nationals abroad.

Once the negotiations get started this will be one of the first issues raised and whatever is asked for has to be decided by all 27 of the member countries of the E.U. It could go round and round forever like everything else the E.U. has to agree to.

As a result of last night's vote, a petition has been started on the Internet, to replace the unelected Lords with elected individuals who would, perhaps, have the wishes of the people at heart! I signed it.

I can see that Theresa May will just walk away from the negotiations with the E.U. if they go on and on without resolution.  We cannot wait forever. The whole thing is set to fail. Holland is currently debating whether to dump the Euro and revert to the Gulden or something else and I don't blame them.  The Euro didn't do Greece any good, did it!

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