Friday, 10 March 2017

The E.U.'s plan for charging Britain to leave the E.U.

These are my personal thoughts on Brexit as it becomes a reality.

Last night's programme, presented by Laura Kuhnsberg, seemed to me to be biased on the side of The Remainers.  I have often wondered which side she was on?  Knowing the BBC has to remain impartial, it must be difficult for presenters not to show their true feelings! However, Mrs. May did a good job of hiding hers during the Referendum campaign, didn't she.

After watching last night's programme, I felt that Ian Duncan Smith spoke the most sense.  He has all along, in my opinion.  Boris Johnson shows a very optimistic approach and I like him for that, but Ian Duncan Smith seems very measured.

Apparently the E.U. is seeking to charge us an exit fee for leaving the E.U. This is, no doubt, to discourage other countries from doing the same, i.e. leaving the E.U.  It seems they want us to pay, anything between 0 and 69 billion pounds, before negotiations on trade deals can commence. Well I call that blackmail.  Since we import more that we export there, surely it is a case of the boot being on the other foot.  Perhaps we should be charging them for the opportunity of doing a trade deal with us after Brexit? They seek to punish Britain, but in so doing, they are merely shooting themselves in the foot.

Last week The Lords voted in an amendment to the exit bill, but they need to be careful when going against the will of the people.  Perhaps there are too many Lords?  A cull could be imminent. Their objections are only causing a delay, but if the delay becomes too tricky, we will surely just walk away from the negotiating table. Then the E.U. can come to us. We'll wait for the phone call!

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