Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Supreme Court Judgement

On Tuesday 24th January, the Supreme Court ruled that the Government must give parliament a vote on Article 50. Interestingly, the vote will not include the SNP members nor those in N.Ireland or Wales. To my mind this gives the government a better chance of the bill going through quickly and without delay at the end of March.

I feel that the judgement could not have gone a different way without the other six members of the judiciary who voted for parliament voting recently.

David Davis will now make haste to put a bill before parliament so they can vote and be done with it.

Parliament is split. Some members are for it and others against. The Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, have been told to vote for the bill so as to avoid making the country a 'bargain basement economy' (in the words of Jeremy Corbyn). He fears that if Brexit occurs, and it surely will, the government will make it too easy for foreign companies to invest in Britain. If the corporation tax is too low, the country will suffer. That is his opinion, but it is not mine.

Some parliamentary members insist that they must vote to represent the wishes of the people in their constituency and naturally, in some cases, this will mean a vote against, but surely the members of parliament must go with the result of the referendum? which clearly showed that the majority of the people in this country want out of the E.U.

So, we shall see how parliament votes. Hopefully they will vote for the bill and then we can get on with it.  However, they were calls today for a second referendum under the premise that a lot of people have changed their minds since last June.

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