Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Unilever put up their prices by 10%

This is a pot of Marmite, a favourite over here in England, for roughly half the population. You either love it or hate it! It is a sort of sludge that goes nicely on toast and does you good!

Last week the Anglo/Dutch firm Unilever put up their prices for many goods, including Marmite, by 10%. Their reason? The falling pound.  There was an outcry over here by Tesco, our leading Supermarket chain and negotiations began to buzz. Finally, Unilever agreed that the price hike was unfair and a compromise was reached.

My take on it?  I think it was the Dutch felling miffed that we over here have voted for Brexit and their way of getting back at us for so doing.  There is a lot of feeling in Europe for punishing Britain for making this decision and I suppose we must just ride it out until it all blows over and we come out on top.

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