Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Politicians are Revolting!

You can take that any way you like! I see it both ways.

This week a number of our parliamentarians, led by none other than Ed Milliband, have been questioning Theresa May's intention to go ahead and invoke Article 50 next March without a vote from them. They want a vote in Parliament, in which they no doubt intend to block Brexit in any way they can. Theresa May wants to steam ahead and get it all done so the Article can be invoked soon, meaning next March 2017.

We, the people, voted to leave the European Union.  You wouldn't think it though, because the politicians just aren't listening! They are now claiming that half the people want to stay in the E.U. and the other half were misled and if voting again, would vote to remain. What rubbish! The strength of feeling on the OUT side is just as fierce as it ever was, more so in some ways because we are fed up waiting.

Realising that it takes time to put a plan into action, we need to be patient and let events take their course, but it doesn't help to have misguided politicians obstructing whatever Theresa May is doing.  The vote for OUT was decisive.  It was not half and half.  It was 48% remain, 52% leave and 4% of 63 million people is a lot of people.

Today I see on the news that we may be asked to pay more into the E.U. after Brexit if we go for a hard Brexit! What a nerve!  We have already paid too much. You only have to look at the luxurious buildings in Brussels and see the number of people employed over there to each lobster and drink champagne, to know what is really going on.

Roll on March!

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