Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Deceit of Angela Merkel

In the days before our historic referendum vote, David Cameron went to the European Union with some 'requests' to allow Britain to stay more comfortably in the European Union. I think at the time that nobody thought we would ever vote to leave and that the referendum was a way of getting what we wanted.

One of the things David Cameron requested was for Britain to delay the giving out of benefits to immigrants for the first five years.  This suggestion was dismissed out of hand and after further discussion, postponed for five years. In fact, all of David Cameron's suggestions were dismissed in one way or another. The referendum went ahead, we voted out and time marches on ...

How surprised I was to learn this week then, that Angela Merkel has called for the self same thing for Germany, i.e. the waiving of benefits for the immigrants over there in Germany for the initial five years.

Is that hypocritical or what!


Two days ago there was an altercation between two M.E.P.'s and members of the U.K.I.P party. Stephen Wolfe, who was a leadership recently when Nigel Farage stepped down and Mike Hookem, apparently had a disagreement and went outside to continue 'discussions'. Two hours later Stephen Wolfe collapsed and was taken to hospital. He was discharged today (Sunday). Nigel Farage has taken up the leadership role for the time being because Dianne James stood down eighteen days after her appointment as leader was confirmed.  It seems the party is in turmoil.  U.K.I.P is credited with persuading a large number of people to vote out in the referendum and won a significant number of votes in the last general election.


These are some of my personal thoughts on life after the referendum.

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