Saturday, 22 October 2016

Canada's Trade Deal with the E.U. proving difficult.

It's been quite a busy week for all things Brexit, here in the U.K. On Thursday Theresa May attended her first E.U. Summit in Brussels and from what I saw on the television, she was not welcomed with open arms!  Ever the professional though, she waited until she was able to give her short speech - at 1 a.m.!

There is no doubt that the E.U. is giving Britain the cold shoulder.  Juncker in particular, seems to dislike all things British at the moment.  Theresa May expressed her feelings about being kept out of the meetings there because, at the moment, we are still very much IN the E.U. and should therefore take part fully in all meetings.  The E.U. feel that we are simply getting in the way of their preparations, especially their plans for a European Army and all that goes with that.  I think that if they feel that way, then we should withhold sending the vast amounts of money we give them forthwith and then see.  It does seem ridiculous to have stated our intentions to leave and then hang on for a further two years. If the repeal of the 1972 European Community Act goes through, then all matters to do with the E.U. and Article 50 will be null and void.

No doubt the E.U. will want to negotiate if the money doesn't come every Monday as it has in the past.

The E.U. have more pressing matters on their mind.  One of them is the Trade Deal with Canada, seven years in the making so far and now held up by a province in Belgium. The province of Walloon Brabant have not as yet agreed to the terms of the trade deal. All other 26 countries have apparently, but I wonder how many of them have actually read the terms.  Urgent talks were taking place this morning in Brussels, I understand.

The same thing could, of course, happen to us when we negotiate with the European Union, if we ever get that far.  With 27 countries to appease, it is a wonder to me if anything ever gets settled!

Some unaccompanied immigrants have been arriving in Britain this week from Syria, Iraq etc. but they didn't look like unaccompanied children to me.  They all seemed like young men of 17/30, which is not at all what we were expecting.  What has happened to all the women and children?  In France they are soon going to close the notorious Jungle Camp in Calais and want to move the border to this side of the channel instead.  I don't think we will agree to that. I feel very sorry for the immigrants but at the moment they are in France and it has to be France's problem as to what to do with them.


Update, Canada's Prime Minister signs the deal with the E.U. 30-10-2016 after the people of Wallonia in Belgium are persuaded to renounce their veto! I wonder how the E.U. achieved that?!

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  1. Thank you for coming to my blog a while back. Because of my husband’s illness I am not on the computer as often as I used to be. I also have not been following Brexit that much, mostly because the US elections have been a cliff hanger for the last few days. I think right now I am tired of politics and taking a break from it.