Thursday, 1 September 2016

Theresa May's First Cabinet Meeting re Brexit - 31-08-2016

Theresa May had her first cabinet meeting yesterday. I can't tell you what was said because I wasn't there! but  who is in her cabinet? Here's the list:

Communities Secretary: Sajid Javid

Brexit Secretary: David Davis

Home Secretary: Amber Rudd

Chancellor: Phillip Hammond

Justice Secretary: Elizabeth Truss

Conservative Party Chairman: Sir Patrick McLoughlin

Work and Pensions Secretary: Damian Green

Attorney-General: Jeremy Wright

Chief Whip - Gavin Williamson

Chief Secretary to the Treasury: David Gauke

Northern Ireland Secretary: James Brokenshire

Welsh Secretary: Alun Cairns

Business Secretary: Greg Clarke

Education Secretary: Justine Greening

Cabinet Secretary: Sir Jeremy Heywood

Prime Minister Theresa May

Foreign Secretary: Boris Johnson

International Trade Secretary: Lam Fox

Health Secretary: Jeremy Hunt

Listed in the order they sat round the table.

I'd love to see a transcription of their discussions!  One thing Theresa was adamant on though, was that we will NOT be having another referendum.

It is looking likely that G.B. will be leaving the Single Market because our top priority is to get control of the numbers of people who come to Britain from Europe. If free movement is un-negotiable, then we will have to leave and come to some other arrangement for trade.


  1. As you say, one of the top priorities is to control the access of foreigners to Britain. But it works both ways – you may find interesting an article I just read about restricting travels of British citizens to other Europeans countries. As the writer says, it would be good to curb the free movement into Europe of British football hooligans, and keep their destructive behavior at home – in England. (see

  2. Thank you for your comment Vagabonde. I agree with you about the footballers' So called supporters. I tried the link you gave me, but it wasn't found, but thank you for giving it to me anyway.