Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Theresa May will trigger Brexit talks with the E.U. at the beginning of 2017

If Theresa May goes ahead and triggers Brexit talks as early as January or February 2017, then we could be out of the E.U. at the beginning of 2019. We'll see. Apparently the E.U. may not be ready for talks on trade deals as early as Spring 2017, but Theresa says they have no choice but to do trade deals with us.

We have been and will always be a part of Europe, just not part of that exclusive club, which may not even exist by 2019.  There are at least two important elections before then so anything could happen.

Since we import more than we export from and to the E.U. countries, it is in their own interests to make good trade deals with us.

Personally, I could do without German cars or French wine.

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