Sunday, 18 September 2016

Theresa May goes to China for G20 Summit

Theresa May went to China to attend the G20 summit on 4th September 2016.  There were five pressing issues.

1. Hinkley Point.

President Xi Jinping wants the U.K. to get on with the signing and sealing of the deal to start building the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station, but the U.K. has concerns over security issues.

2.  Meeting with Putin

from a press article:
'Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with the new UK Prime Minister Theresa May for the first time. The meeting came on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China.
Speaking at the start of her discussion with the Russian leader in Hangzhou on Sunday, May said that although there were "differences" that concerned her regarding the policies of the two countries, she hoped they could be resolved through dialogue.
"While I recognize there will be some differences between us, there are some complex and serious areas of concern and issues to discuss, I hope we will be able to have a frank and open relationship and dialogue," the British PM said.
Putin also expressed hope that the relations between the two nations could be improved, and said he was pleased to meet the new PM in person. '

3.  Handling the Brexit Fallout and reassuring other world leaders that the U.K. is Open for Business.

5.  Dealing with the Migrant Crisis

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