Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Tory Peers may legally challenge Brexit.

Two days ago the Sun newspaper reported that a majority of unelected peers in the House of Lords are planning to block Brexit. They are Remainers, like our new Prime Minister Theresa May and when asked, she said she would back them because it will take time to put into place all the projects necessary to effect a smooth exit from the European Union. It is well known that Leavers want to invoke Article 50 as soon as possible, starting the clock ticking on the two year withdrawal.

It seems to me that there is still hope from the Remainers, even after midnight, metaphorically speaking, that some miracle will happen in the European Union, which would please all and sundry.  There has even been talk of a second referendum. What rubbish!  The people have spoken and it is up to the government to get on with it. There will be no more carrots! from the E.U. There never were any carrots, Angel Merkel made it quite clear on that.

If the peers make a legal challenge for staying in, we may never get Article 50 invoked.

I say - let's ignore the Article 50 and just get on with it. Why don't we just give the E.U. notice that we are leaving next Friday and stop paying them their 350 million pounds, or whatever the correct figure is. What can they do to stop us leaving? Kick us out? Please do that, please do kick us out, NOW!

Meanwhile the Labour Party is in complete disarray. Owen Smith, challenging Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the party has apparently only a 15% chance of winning so it looks like we will be stuck with Jeremy Corbyn for the time being. I am not a labour supporter. I used to be, until new labour got in and cocked it up! It rather looks like the Labour Party may never recover from this mess.

I noticed recently that there was a sudden enormous increase in the number of views of my blog from Russia - 607 in one day to be precise.  What is that all about?

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