Wednesday, 31 August 2016

No new agreement with Calais

Amber Rudd has met her counterpart in France with regards to the agreement Britain has with France over the registration of immigrants. The agreement, as it stands, states that migrants/refugees must register in the first safe country they come to, which in many cases would be France. However the French want to change it so that the migrants/refugees can register in Britain, thereby passing the Jungle in Calais, which is becoming ever more unmanageable, and passing the 'buck' onto us. Our representatives can, at the moment, go to France and register them there as can the French register migrants here in Britain. The problem seems to be two fold. Firstly most of the migrants arrive in France, on their way to Britain, but they cannot continue their journeys until they are registered. Secondly, to get to Britain, migrants must first cross the north sea, which is a very different prospect to the Mediterranean.

Amber Rudd has refused to change the agreement with France over the registration of the migrants/refugees and the current French President is happy to continue as we are. However, when next year's elections come along in France, France may put more pressure on us.

Over the last few days, 7,000 migrants and refugees have been rescued in the sea by the Italian coastguard. The problem is getting increasingly worse.

Greece must be regretting joining the European Union.  They have lost their currency and the country has one into near bankruptcy. They object to being told what to do by Brussels and their country and islands are chock full of migrants and refugees, almost to bursting point.

As the refugee crisis gets ever worse, the European Union becomes more and more unstable.

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