Monday, 25 July 2016

When are we going to invoke Article 50?

 Theresa May will today visit Northern Ireland for the first time as our Prime Minister for talks, which will no doubt include discussions on the way forward after the U.K.'s vote for Brexit. Since a large majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to remain IN the E.U., the way forward may not be easy. The most difficult part of it all is the border between Northern Ireland and (Southern) Ireland, which remains in the E.U. as a separate country. Border controls may need to be re-introduced between the two parts of Ireland otherwise there will be an open border between the U.K. and Ireland and this may no longer be acceptable.  Since the border controls were taken away in the past (when the U.K. became part of the E.U., peace has become the norm. between the two halves of the country.  The new border, if not controlled, will be the only place where easy of movement between the U.K. and the E.U. will exist.

Meanwhile, back in Westminster, a number of M.P.'s have become concerned about the possibility of a new deal with the E.U. whereby the U.K. will have the ability to control some of the migration, but in return will have to pay a fee to belong to the single market.  This would be totally unacceptable to those against the idea and is seen as a 'brushing up' or a renegotiation of the terms, which David Cameron strove to gain, but failed,  as a prelude to the referendum on 23rd June.

Some people here are getting anxious about the length of time it is taking to invoke Article 50. A petition online has been signed by 29,000+ so far, calling for the government to annul the original agreement made back in the 70's, seeing this as a quicker way of getting us out quickly. In the corridors of Brussels they would like us out as soon as possible to limit the damage, but also maybe to make an example of us to deter other countries from leaving.

With four terrorist attacks in Germany in the last week, Angela Merkel is facing more criticism over her open-door policy for refugees. It just isn't working, is it Angela!

The threat from Islamic State is on everybody's minds at the moment and more protective measures have been put in place to counteract possible terrorist attacks over here.

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