Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Theresa May gains majority of votes.

Yesterday's vote for the leadership of the Conservative Party gave Theresa May 165 votes, 50% of the total. Andrea Leadson gained 66 votes (20%), Michael Gove 48 (15%), Stephen Crabb 34 (10%) and Liam Fox 16 (5%). Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox are no longer in the running.

So the votes cast for Stephen and Liam will now be available for the other three candidates, when the next voting takes place tomorrow. Stephen Crabb has already said that his support will go to Theresa May.

David Cameron remained neutral and didn't vote.

Michael Gove may have had more votes if he hadn't 'stabbed' Boris Johnson in the back. he is now seen in some circles as untrustworthy. Boris is out of the running for the moment and Andrea has much less experience than Theresa.

It is looking very much like the next Prime Minister of the U.K. is going to be a woman.

Theresa May is seen as a unifying person.  The Conservative Party has been very split over the referendum, before and after the result, and it would no doubt be good for the country if the party in power was unified.  However, can we trust Theresa May to give the Leave Voters what they demand, i.e. no free movement of people into (or out of) our country.

It worries me that there doesn't seem to have been a plan for the country if we voted OUT in the referendum.  What on earth was the government thinking of to leave such a gap in their plans.  Nothing will happen immediately, but perhaps it should? What is to stop us reclaiming our fishing grounds etc. etc. They can hardly chuck us out now, can they!

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