Friday, 15 July 2016

Theresa May completes her line-up - kitten heels to tiger claws!

Amber Rudd was on the remain side during the run-up to the recent referendum. However Theresa May has seen fit to appoint her as Home Secretary in the new line-up of government posts.

Other important appointments announced yesterday were:

Philip Hammond - Chancellor
Boris Johnson - Foreign Secretary
David Davis - Brexit Secretary
Liam Fox - International Trade Secretary
Liz Truss - Justice Secretary
Priti Patel - International Development Secretary
Andrea Leadson - Environment Secretary

and booted out were:

George Osborne - Chancellor
Michael Gove - Justice Secretary
Nicky Morgan - Education Secretary
Sajid Javid - Business Secretary
Olive Letwin, Political adviser to David Cameron
Stephen Crabb - leadership of Conservative Party candidate
John Whittingdale - government Minister
Theresa Villiers - Northern Ireland Secretary

So Theresa May has swept clean and has a very different looking government.

David Davis expects the United Kingdom to be out of the European Union by December 2018. That would mean he intends to invoke Article 50 in December of this year in order to allow the obligatory two years for the run-down period.

The appointment apparently came as a complete surprise to him, but he will be more than a match for the people in Brussels who, so it seems, are looking for ways to punish the U.K. for daring to leave the union.

Theresa May's choice for the top table is a good one because it combines Brexiteers with Remainers, thus giving us a more unified government.

Today our new Prime Minister has gone to Scotland to meet up with their First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. The purpose of the visit is mainly to ensure that the Scots know how much  importance Theresa, representing the U.K. give to our Union with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. I wonder if she will got to Northern Ireland and Wales next.

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