Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The viewpoint of our young people.

'Putin will be grateful Stella With all respect, the young generation and the working class all voted to stay in the E.U. The pensioners wanted an exit based on illusive images from Farage & co about immigrants and 350 million pounds weekly returning EU funds (which lie was already exposed).

Even Azerbaijan was mentioned as new E.U. member state! From my humble opinion the baby-boomers are crashing the UK with sentiments and emotions. They destroyed the future that most UK citizens aged under 60 voted in favour of. A huge responsibility considering that the average Brexit voter only has a few more (hopefully good and healthy) years left.

A decision which will have deep consequences for the current and new generations to come. The Great British empire as we knew it was already long time history. And the next years will bring us the final chapter causing the United Kingdom to be split up as well. And for what? Yes the E.U. is not perfect, non democratic etc. etc. but continuing independently puts the prosperity and safety of our generation at stake.

Europe should be more connected, integrated and united. Not less in an hostile world who aim at our wealth and freedom. And the Brexit will also bring no major difference politically as end result because the political system itself will continue to mail function. Even Britain/Wales as independent countries will have corruption, scandals etc. just as the E.U. The price paid will nevertheless be less influence on Europe, on the world's landscape and therewith our influences on prosperity for the UK citizens.

For that I find today's outcome a really dark chapter in Europe's history and hope that the forces trying to destabilize Europe can be stopped. But apparently even 60 years of peace and prosperity are fast forgotten...'


These were the thoughts of a member of my own family recently, on hearing that the U.K. had voted to leave the European Union. NOTE I say European Union, not Europe. Two different things entirely.
The English isn't perfect, but the person in question is not English so well done to him because it is better than I could have done in his own language.

There is no doubt that the referendum and its subsequent consequences have split families, which is sad. There does seem to be a definite age barrier division. However, the attitude of the young people with regard to the outcome is definitely out of order. I think most people expected an IN vote and so it came as a shock when the vote was OUT and then and only then did a swathe of people wish they had got up and voted like they were asked to do. Too late now, we are out and that is that. There will be no more referendums on the subject, no turning back. The way is forward and the way is out!

Naturally, I am biased, because I am a Leaver. However, I can understand a little of how the young people feel. They have all been born since 1975 so they don't know any difference and they believe in a United Europe. So do I, but only up to a point. I am a firm believer in being friendly with my neighbour next door, but I don't want to eat at the same table as him or sleep in the same bed. We, in the U.K., are a proud and independent country and we will, hopefully, always be so. We don't take kindly to being told what to do. We like to make our own decisions about everything.

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