Monday, 11 July 2016

The Effect of Brexit on Social Media

Andrea Leadsom has apologized to Theresa May for the remarks she made concerning motherhood.  Andrea told a Times reporter that she thought she would make a better Prime Minister than Theresa May because she had children and grandchildren and Theresa May did not. It was not reported in quite the way that Andrea expected, although the report was verbatim, but nevertheless it caused yet another furore and no doubt hurt some feelings. In my opinion, it was  a true statement of fact, but it was tactless and it would have been better if Andrea had remained silent on the issue, given the circumstances.

Update! Not more than an hour after posting this we got the new that Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the race, stating that the criticism of her remarks to The Times was too much. The path is now clear - Theresa May will be our next Prime Minister. She is very experienced and has the support of the majority of the Conservative Party M.P.'s.

Angela Eagle will today make a bid for the Labour Party leadership in an attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn from his position of leader. The goings on in the Labour Party recently have highlighted the fact that political parties, on both sides, have not listened to the will of the people. They are there to listen and represent the will of the people and they have been found wanting.

Over the last few weeks I have followed Social Media along with many, many others and the thoughts and feelings of people thereby represented have been quite astonishing. In the wake of the Brexit vote, there was an immediate and loud outcry from the remain side, who felt unjustifiably represented. The vote was decisive although close, but the remainers just cannot accept it. On Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. there have been numerous complaints and arguments and many of those have become quite abusive.  I, myself, have experienced this at first hand and it is not pleasant.  It seemed to me that once an argument is lost, the loser turns to personal abuse, lashing out with all sorts of descriptions about the other party, most of which are entirely untrue.

As a nation it has become patently obvious that we no longer trust our Members of Parliament, nor our leading banks nor even big business.

London voted to remain in the European Union and now there are moves afoot to distance London from the rest of the country.  I have even heard it said that London should find ways of staying in the Union and the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan,  has taken an active part in this.

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