Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Post Brexit Hate Crimes

Since the Brexit vote on 23rd June, hate crimes in Britain have increased.  It makes me very sad to say that because really it should have nothing to do with the way we voted.  There have been occasions were muslims have been targeted because people over here don't like what they are saying and doing. People feel threatened by them, our soldiers have been openly targeted. The death of Lee Rigby being the most shocking of late.The latest atrocity in France was the killing yesterday of an 85 year old priest, Jacques Hamel, who was taking a service at a church in Normandy whilst the usual incumbent was away.  His throat was cut and some say, he was then beheaded.  Whilst this happened in France, it could have been in Britain because Isil is active over here too.

The hate crimes were not just aimed at muslims.  Many Polish people and others of European descent have also been targets. Even children have been bullied at school because of their country of origin.

There is a housing shortage in England and people feel that our own should be housed before the immigrants. Coupled with that, the National Health Service is overburdened. Whilst the influx of workers from other E.U. countries has helped our staffing crisis in the hospitals, the numbers of immigrants taking advantage of the N.H.S. has increased over the years and this has been noticed by the indigenous people.  Immigration - the numbers, not the people, was the main cause why people voted out. That has been seen in some quarters as racism, which it clearly is not. We need people from other lands, but it would be nice to choose where they came from and our lives under the E.U. prohibited that.

The connection can be made.  Britain is being invaded by muslims; asylum seekers, economic migrants and just about everyone who feels that life owes them a living and a better life can be sought elsewhere.  People from Africa, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and other places are all getting into boats to get to Europe and travelling overland to get here to what they think is Utopia.  When they get here though, they often find that life is not how they expected it to be. A large majority of people here who voted out, voted to curb immigration and take back control of our borders.

Take for example the story in yesterday's papers, where two families from Syria were housed on The Isle of Bute on the western coast of Scotland.  They do not like it there.  The husband of one of the families is depressed.  He says that the island is full of old people and people who just go there to die.  There is nothing to do and no jobs, he says, but what did he expect? a red carpet laid out for him and his family? Words fail me! The families are now asking to move to the mainland, to Glasgow for example, where, presumably, all will be sweetness and light!

Maybe the jihadis, muslims or whatever they are are trying to instigate a war between the religions?  They have certainly stirred up a lot of anger. I thought Islam was supposed to be a peaceful religion? I don't see much peace lately.

People over here in Britain are a very accepting lot. They don't react until pushed, but at the moment, there is a lot of pushing going on. We feel goaded.

Getting back to Brexit, whilst in the E.U. we had free movement of people so anyone with a European passport could come here, live here, work here and even if they had a criminal record, they could not be deported because of their human rights. Now the British people have stood up and said 'ENOUGH' we want our country back. This will take time, unfortunately. Meanwhile there will probably be an increase in the number of immigrants we have to take in until the government sets a date beyond which they will have to return to their own countries. Hopefully, from the date, whatever it will be, we will all go back to having a British passport, with a crown on the front of it, like it used to be, Anyone who wants to live in this country will have to apply for a visa, once got it will have to be renewed every two and a half years (at great cost) and finally, after five years, apply for the right to live permanently over here, take citizenship, swear allegiance to the crown and obey the laws of this country, which will be our laws, not something worked on in Brussels. I would mention here that before Brexit there were 70 occasions where our opinions were ignored. We had no say in the running of the E.U. community. That was disgraceful. I think the only reason the E.U. wanted us to stay in was for the money we sent every week. They were not interested in our opinions or views.

I think we are kidding ourselves if we think we can all live happily together over here in this tiny island without a strict control on immigration.  There are too many cultures, too many different languages, too many ways it can go wrong.

Theresa May needs to invoke Article 50 now and set a date, after which immigrants are not entitled to stay here as a right. I suggest June 23rd!

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