Sunday, 3 July 2016

Other countries are waiting to do trade deals with the U.K.

There are eleven countries already lined up waiting to do trade deals with the U.K.

First in line was Iceland.

Second was New Zealand. I remember, when I was young, the shops over here were full of goods from New Zealand, notably butter, which was delicious. Personally, I can't wait for us to be dealing more with the wider world. Belonging to the European Union was, in my opinion, too restrictive.

The single market in Europe, of which we are still a member, represents only 16% of the global economy. The E.U. is demanding that, when we exit formerly, we must agree to free movement of people if we want to remain members of the single market. Perhaps it wouldn't matter that much if we were no longer members?

Our new prime minister, when we get one, will need to be a good negotiator because that will be one of their first jobs when in power.

It looks like the new prime minister will be a woman. Theresa May is the favourite at the moment, followed shortly by Andrea Leadsom. Leavers favour Andrea because she was so prominent in the Leave Campaign for the referendum recently. We should have a new P.M. by 2nd September.

Imagine! we may soon have Hilary Clinton, as the President of America, Angela Merkel as most powerful person in the E.U. and ?female as prime minister in the United Kingdom.

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