Thursday, 7 July 2016

Michael Gove is eliminated

Michael Gove was eliminated from the race for the Conservative Party leadership today; leaving the way clear for Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. They will have to fight it out to be Prime Minister. The choice between the two ladies will be up to the conservative M.P.'s around the country, but it looks like Theresa will be favourite. Today she gained 199 votes against Andrea's 84. Michael Gove gained only 46 votes.


I watch social media, which has been very interesting lately.  Every viewpoint is out there and many people are still calling for a second referendum because they didn't agree with the result of the first one. I have read where some people think that Article 50 will never be invoked. I think an Act of Parliament may be needed to get it going. I have also heard that the Prime Minister can start it. Clearly those in the European Union think that we can invoke it immediately and this has been called for by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Union.

Even if parliament is necessary to invoke Article 50 and if the Act doesn't happen, the Royal Prerogative can be invoked.

Naturally, nothing will get done before a new Prime Minister is in place and that will probably not be until 2nd September. Meanwhile, perhaps the government can get on with making a plan to take us out of the E.U. as soon as possible.

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