Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Last Day in Office for David Cameron

Today our Prime Minister, David Cameron, hands over to our new Prime Minister, Theresa May. After six years in office, the order is changing and we will be watching history in the making.
I am sorry that the European question has brought him down. I believe that for many years David was a Eurosceptic, but if only he had listened to the people, he would not be leaving no. 10 Downing Street today. How do the politicians get so out of touch with the views of the people? Why don't they listen when we are shouting out our feelings? David Cameron will be the youngest Prime Minister to leave no. 10. He has achieved much during his time there and many will be sorry to see him go.

This is not to take anything away from Theresa May.  I think she will make an excellent Prime Minister. In the next few days we will hear who she has chosen as members of her cabinet and rumour has it that there will be a significant number of women. Good. She has made it clear that Brexit means Brexit and it won't be long before Article 50 is invoked and we are negotiating new deals with Europe.

Update: p.m. David Cameron has taken his leave of parliament with his last Prime Minister's question time this lunchtime. This afternoon he will go to the Palace to see the Queen to formerly give her his resignation as Prime Minister. Later on, Theresa May will also go to the Palace where the Queen will formerly invite her to appoint a government to lead the United Kingdom through the difficult days ahead.

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