Saturday, 2 July 2016

Andrea Leadsom is Ukip's favourite for the Tory leadership

There are five choices for leadership of the Conservative Party.  Ukip seem to favour Andrea Leadsom because she was prominent in the LEAVE campaign during the referendum recently and although she is not as experienced in government as some of the other candidates, she does have a lot of experience in other areas.

Listen to her talking and see what you think. I think she would be admirable.  So far she hasn't 'stabbed anyone in the back' and seems to have all the right values. She would bring a freshness to the conservative party, which perhaps has been lacking in the past.

At some time in the future the United Kingdom will need to begin negotiations with the European Union with regards to, primarily, the single market and the free movement of people across Europe. I think that Andrea, with Nigel Farage, would be ideal for this job.


The Labour Party is still trying to sort itself out. Latest I heard was that the people remaining were trying to come up with a deal to allow Jeremy Corbyn to retire gracefully and allow someone else to come to the fore.  Angela Eagle was set to put in a bid for the leadership the other day, but she dropped back - I think because she has much respect for Jeremy, but not maybe as the leader.


America seemed to be dead against our leaving the European Union and President Obama even called in here on his way back from Saudi Arabia, in order to tell our people what we ought to do.  The general opinion here was that he should not have intervened.  Now that the dust is beginning to settle, the Americans must find different ways of making trade deals with the U.K.

Nigel Farage was recently interviewed on Fox News for America. Here is what was said:

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