Sunday, 26 June 2016

We voted OUT

Last Thursday I went to vote in the European Union Referendum. I voted OUT. Since then there has been a full on furore and inquest resulting in the resignation of our Prime Minister, David Cameron. The result was 52% of the people voted to leave the E.U. and 48% voted to stay in.

It seems that the young people wanted to stay in, but the turnout was not good enough to swing the result and now they are very sore and are accusing we oldies of ruining their future and wishing the country to be back in the past.

An online petition was set up to request a second election and to date this has raised over a million signatures, but now it is coming out that many of those are fictitious.  Only the current parliament can create another referendum and they are not going to do that.

Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, where 60% of the voters voted to remain in the E.U., has said she will approach the E.U. to ask if Scotland can remain in the E.U. now that the country as a whole has quit. They have already told her this will not be possible. Scotland would have to reapply to belong to the E.U. after Britain has finally left. Scotland would first have to gain their own independence before they could reapply. If that was to happen, then the E.U. would put them in the queue. They would have to meet the criteria and probably have to adopt the Euro. The latest news was that Scotland would veto Britain's leaving but according to legal sources, that is not going to happen.

Wales voted almost in entirety to leave the E.U. but Northern Ireland (under British rule) wanted to remain in. It is possible that a border control may be put up between Northern Ireland (British) and Ireland (independent country).

As I write this, eight members of the opposition party (Labour) have also resigned, expressing lack of confidence in their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. This is mainly because of his supposed lack of enthusiasm in getting his party to vote IN and remain in the E.U.

So it is Sunday afternoon and the political landscape is changing almost by the hour. I decided to keep this diary so I can monitor events as they happen.

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