Thursday, 30 June 2016

We are at the start of a new journey...

When we joined the EU 40 years ago, it was in the U.K.'s interest to be part of the common market, where we could trade freely and have influence on decisions that were made affecting a small number of countries with economic interests similar to our own.  Unfortunately the EU has evolved into a political organisation of 28 (now 27, soon to be 32) countries, many of whom do NOT have economies similar to our own.  As we have learned in recent years (and especially this year when our Prime Minister was unable to negotiate any meaningful reforms), we no longer have any influence in the decisions made by the  unelected "ruling class" in Brussels.  U.K. laws are supplanted by EU regulations, UK courts are overruled by EU courts, U.K. money is used to promote policies the UK doesn't agree with.  The U.K. has made 77 requests for change and 77 times the EU has said NO! 

In 1776 thirteen colonies in North America declared their independence from England because the process by which they were governed was profoundly undemocratic.  Many Americans thought the risks too great and argued against it.  Eventually the people in America had to fight a war and many had to die to win their independence.  On June 23, 2016 the people of the United Kingdom declared their independence from a European Union because the process by which they were governed had become profoundly undemocratic.  Many in the UK think the risks too great and have argued against it.  A majority (by 1.2 million) have agreed to accept those risks.  Thank God people in the UK did not have to fight a war and no one has had to die to win the UK's independence. 

America has prospered for 240 years.  So did the United Kingdom for 2000 years before the EU ever existed.  It will continue to prosper long after the EU is forgotten.  And so will Europe

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