Wednesday, 29 June 2016

So who's going to be the new leader of the Conservative Party?

Today we await the news of who is throwing their cap in the ring to become the new conservative party leader. Some people think it will be Stephen Crabbe, who supposedly was a Eurosceptic, but then became part of the Remainers. Perhaps he will change his mind again? I still think it should be someone like Boris Johnson or Andrea Leadsom, who were out and out Outers. If I had my choice, it would be Andrea. She was very strong during the Leave Campaign. She kept her cool and didn't become hysterical. She's the one! Boris might win, just so long as he doesn't backtrack.

Yesterday David Cameron went to Brussels to 'take his bashing' from the E.U. Commissioners. Considering the vote went against what he advised, I think he did really well. No doubt he has friends and enemies over there and it is common knowledge that he doesn't like Juncker, the President. He stressed the point that the British public voted in the majority to leave the E.U. in part because of the free movement of people across Europe and the effect that has on immigration to Britain. A future trade deal will need to be sorted (why?) with the European nations because Britain wants access to the single market, which is what was promised all those years ago before the E.U. community became overly political. I think Britain will continue to trade with Europe regardless of what the E.U. wants or doesn't want.  I can't see the German car manufacturers refusing to trade with Britain and will probably demand of the German Government that the free movement rules be relaxed or abolished.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, is going to Brussels today to try to get a remain deal for Scotland within the E.U.  I think she will be met with stony opposition.  Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and as such is subject to the same rules and legislations regarding Europe. Even if Scotland gets another referendum (which I doubt will happen any time soon), and even if Scotland votes for Independence (which 40% of the people up there don't want), they will still have to renegotiate terms with the E.U.  They could very well find themselves having to opt for the Euro and standing at the back of the queue for entry with other countries.

Nigel Farage has made his exit speech in Europe and spoke confidently as ever.

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