Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How we voted

These were the statistics from the referendum vote last Thursday. It can clearly be seen that a remain vote was given by mainly the younger end of the population. Most people thought that the result would be an 'IN' vote so it came as quite a shock that the result was for 'OUT'. There has been an outcry from the younger generation whose turnout on referendum day was not so good.

I count myself amongst the older generation because of my age (64). We have been accused of selling out our children and grandchildren's future. This is a very hurtful accusation from the members of such and 'entitled' generation. It seems to me they have much to learn about life.  Perhaps the first thing they need to learn is that of course we older ones have their best interests at heart. We know we have so much less time to live. We are voting with our hearts and our heads to bring about a better Europe for them and for their children.

Most of the young people were born since 1975 when we entered the Common Market, now called the European Union. They have grown up under the umbrella of the E.U. and know little else. We, on the other hand, have lived on both sides of the decision and have voted almost unanimously to be released from the E.U. If we had known how the E.U. would turn out, we would never have voted for it in the first place.

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